About Us

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the seed for Niwot Jewelry & Gifts was planned in the 1950s, an era that we associate with old-fashioned values, such as honesty, integrity and community spirit. During this time Owen Irby opened a watch repair store and jewelry store in Arkansas, where he established a reputation for good work and fair dealing. He became well-known and trusted member of the Boulder business community after moving to town in the 1960s. His was of regarding everyone who came into his shop as a friend set people at ease and won him scores of repeat customers.


Today, Niwot Jewelry & Gifts is owned and managed by Jan Kahl and her son Jason. Jan still maintains a small town atmosphere within the store and customers are still treated like friends. Vern does all of the repairs in the shop and can fix just about anything. Jan’s son Jason has also joined Niwot Jewlery, thus ensuring the legacy of Owen Irby will continue to flourish in Niwot for years to come. From grandfather clocks, to watches to fine jewelry, Niwot Jewelry can repair your items on site, for a fair price and have them back to you without delay.